Some facts about cryptarithmetic :-

  • Each letter or symbol represents only one digit throughout the
  • When letters are replaced by their digits, the resultant arithmetical
    operation must be correct;
  • The numerical base, unless specifically stated, is 10;
  • Numbers must not begin with a zero;
  • There must be only one solution to the problem.

Here is the first problem:-

Question :-

                                       A G E

                                 x   O A T


                                   S O A R

                                  H O G

                           G O T O


                          G E  C O  I  R

 1) What is the possible value for A?

  a) 3   b) 4   c) 7   d) 9

2) What is the value of G+A+T+E?

a) 16   b) 19   c) 24   d) 25

3) What is the co-relation between S,I and t?

a) They are in arithmetic progression

b) They are in geometric progression

c) a) and b) both

d) None of these.

For Solution CLICK HERE  :-  crypto .. !!


Will get back to you soon. :)

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